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Your treatment depends on the size of your cancer and whether it has spread (the stage), the type of bladder cancer you have, what the cancer cells look like (the grade), and your general health.

Early bladder cancer

In early bladder cancer the cancer cells are only in the bladder’s inner lining. You usually have surgery to remove the cancer followed by chemotherapy into the bladder.

Invasive bladder cancer

Invasive bladder cancer has spread into or through the muscle layer of the bladder. The main treatments include surgery or radiotherapy or chemotherapy and radiotherapy together (chemoradiation).

Locally advanced bladder cancer

Locally advanced bladder cancer has grown through the bladder wall or has spread only to lymph nodes. Treatment can include surgery or radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Treatment for advanced cancer

Read about the different treatments you might have for advanced cancer. They can help to reduce symptoms and make you feel better. 

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