Screening for bile duct cancer

There is no national screening programme for bile duct cancer in the UK. This is because there isn’t a test that can pick up bile duct cancer at an early stage.

What is cancer screening?

Screening means testing people for early stages of a disease. This is before they have any symptoms. For screening to be useful the tests:

  • need to be reliable at picking up cancers
  • overall must do more good than harm to people taking part
  • must be something that people are willing to do

Screening tests are not perfect and have some risks. The screening programme should also be good value for money for the NHS.

Why there isn’t a screening programme for bile duct cancer in the UK?

There is no screening programme for bile duct cancer in the UK at the moment because:

  • doctors wouldn't find many cancers because it's so rare
  • there is no suitable test to use for bile duct cancer screening
  • current tests have risks that outweigh the benefits for most people
  • the cost of screening would be high

With rare cancers, it is more cost effective to screen people who are thought to be at a higher risk. Talk to your GP if you think you are at a higher than average risk of bile duct cancer. If your doctor agrees that you are at a higher risk, they may be able to give you regular check ups. 

Screening for people with primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC)

Primary sclerosing cholangitis (PSC) is a rare disease that causes inflammation of the bile ducts. People with PSC have an increased risk of developing cancer of the bile ducts. 

You have regular check ups if you are diagnosed with PSC. You might have scans and blood tests regularly to check for signs of bile duct cancer. 

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Last reviewed: 
27 Sep 2020
Next review due: 
27 Sep 2024

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