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Find out about screening for soft tissue sarcoma.

What screening is

Screening means testing people for early stages of an illness before they have any symptoms. For screening to be useful the tests:

  • must be reliable at picking up the illness
  • must be simple and quick
  • overall must do more good than harm to people taking part

No screening available

There is no national screening programme because:

  • this condition is very rare, so many people would have unnecessary tests
  • the benefits don't outweigh the costs

If you think you are at high risk

Doctors can monitor people who may be at higher risk than average of developing a sarcoma. People who have Li Fraumeni syndrome or neurofibromatosis are screened for cancers regularly.

Talk to your doctor about regular checking for sarcomas if you have any of the genetic conditions linked with sarcoma.

People who have had radiotherapy are known to have a slightly increased risk of getting a sarcoma in the part of the body that was treated. Your specialist will be aware of this and keeping an eye out for symptoms. Talk to your specialist at one of your check ups if you are worried.

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