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Find out about the possible symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma and when to see your doctor.

Early stage symptoms

In their early stages soft tissue sarcomas do not usually cause symptoms. As sarcomas can grow anywhere in the body, the symptoms will depend on where the cancer is. The main symptoms can include:

  • a lump that's painless at first
  • pain or soreness as the lump grows and presses against nerves and muscles


Of course, many people get most lumps and bumps and most of them will not be cancer.

A lump is more likely to be a sarcoma if it: 

  • is big (for example, more than 5 cm across) or getting bigger
  • is deep in the body tissues
  • is painful
  • occurs when you are older
  • has come back after previous surgery to remove sarcoma

Other symptoms

It's possible to have other symptoms from sarcoma, depending on where they are in the body. For example, a leiomyosarcoma in the womb may cause bleeding other than when you are having a period or after you have had your menopause.

When to see your doctor

You should see your doctor if you have: 

  • an unexplained lump
  • any other worrying symptom

Remember that all these symptoms mentioned here can be caused by conditions other than cancer. This is a rare disease, and it is much more likely that some other problem is causing your symptoms.

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