Find out about the possible symptoms of soft tissue sarcoma and when to see your doctor.

Risks and causes

Read about the risks and causes of soft tissue sarcomas.


Find out about the survival for soft tissue sarcoma. 

Getting diagnosed

Learn what tests are used to diagnose you with soft tissue sarcoma. There are further tests to be had if you are diagnosed, to check if the cancer has spread to other parts of the body. 


Learn about the different types and grades of soft tissue sarcoma.

Stages and grades

Knowing the stage and grade of a cancer helps your doctor decide about the best treatment for you. 


You might have surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of treatments. Knowing more about these treatments and how your doctor decides about what treatment you need can help you cope.

Living with soft tissue sarcoma

The time after treatment is often a period of change. You might find you need time to regain and rebuild your physical and emotional health. But give your body time, and it'll recover quicker for you. 

Research and clinical trials

Discover the latest clinical trials that are underway for soft tissue sarcomas. 

Last reviewed: 
20 Mar 2018

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