Find out about possible signs and symptoms of melanoma skin cancer and when to see your doctor.

Getting diagnosed

Find out about seeing your GP if you have skin changes that might be melanoma, referral to a specialist, and the tests you might have.

Pictures of abnormal moles

See pictures of abnormal moles that might be developing into melanoma skin cancer and also pictures of melanomas.

Stages and types

Read about the different stages and types of melanoma. The stage of a cancer means how big it is and whether it has spread.


Treatment depends on whether the melanoma is only in the surface layers of skin or has spread into deeper layers or to other areas of the body.

Living with melanoma

Find out about all the support you can get during and after melanoma treatment.

Advanced melanoma

Find out about where melanoma can spread to and about how treatment can control symptoms.


Find out about the latest UK research and clinical trials looking at melanoma skin cancer.

Risks and causes of melanoma

Find out what causes melanoma skin cancer, including lifestyle factors and other medical conditions, and see what you can do to reduce your risk.


Find out about survival for melanoma skin cancer.

Last reviewed: 
12 Feb 2016

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