Tests to stage

After being diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma, you have more tests to find out whether it has spread to other areas of your body. This is called staging.

Knowing the stage helps your doctor plan your treatment.

Chest x-rays

Find out how x-rays are used to stage Hodgkin lymphoma including what they are and how you have them.

Blood tests for Hodgkin lymphoma

Blood tests can check your general health, for example your blood cell levels and how well your liver and kidneys are working.

PET-CT scan

A PET-CT scan combines a CT scan and a PET scan into one to give detailed information about your lymphoma.

CT scan

A CT scan is a test that uses x-rays and a computer to create detailed pictures of the inside of your body. 

MRI scan

An MRI scan creates pictures using magnetism and radio waves. It can show whether the lymphoma has spread to other areas of your body.

Bone marrow test

This test checks whether there are cancer cells in your bone marrow.

Last reviewed: 
29 Sep 2020
Next review due: 
29 Sep 2023
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