Surgery to remove PTD or choriocarcinoma from the womb

Surgery can remove the abnormal cells from the womb but this is very rarely used.

Before your operation

You meet your doctor before the operation. They will explain the procedure to you and anwer any questions. You will then sign a consent form to say you are happy to go ahead.

You will probably not be able to have any food or drink that day but this will be explained in more detail in the appointment letter you recieve. 

How you have it

You have the operation under general anaesthetic. The anaesthetist puts a small tube into a vein in your arm (cannula) and injects the general anaesthetic. This sends you into a deep sleep. When you wake up, the operation will be over.

Once you are asleep, the surgeon opens up (dilates) the entrance to the womb (cervix) and uses gentle suction to remove as much of the abnormal tissue from the molar tissue as possible. You have an ultrasound at the same time, so the surgeon can see the abnormal tissue.

The doctor might then use a small instrument called a curette to scrape the lining of the womb and clear away any remaining abnormal tissue.

What happens after the operation

You will stay in hospital for at least a few hours. Your doctor might want you to stay overnight to give you time to recover after the general anaesthetic.

How you might feel

You might have very strong emotions that feel overwhelming. Your nurse will support you and offer some options for counselling and support.

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