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Living with chemotherapy

Chemotherapy might affect your everyday life, from the way you feel to socialising and holidays. You can get tips and support to help you cope. 

Everyday life during chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can affect you physically and emotionally. Most people have ups and downs during treatment, but support is available. 

Social life and activities during chemotherapy

With a bit of planning and a few precautions, your social life can still go ahead. You might like to plan a holiday. 

Diabetes and chemotherapy

If you have diabetes, your blood sugar may need closer monitoring while you are having treatment.  

Immunisations and chemotherapy

If you are having chemotherapy your resistance to infection can be low at times. There are some vaccinations you shouldn't have when you have low immunity because they could make you feel very ill. 

Alcohol and chemotherapy

Find out about drinking alcohol while on your course of chemotherapy.

Using hair dye after chemotherapy

Changes in your hair can affect how you feel about yourself. For some people this change is one of the worst parts of their treatment. 

Last reviewed: 
21 Feb 2018

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