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Basal and squamous cell skin cancer pictures

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You can find pictures below of basal cell skin cancers and squamous cell skin cancers. There is information about


The pictures on this page

The pictures on this page are examples of different types of non melanoma skin cancers. They show you what to look out for so that you can go to your doctor if you notice similar changes in your skin.

If you have a mole that has changed, or a new mole, this is not the right section for you. Moles may develop into a different type of cancer called melanoma. We have pictures of abnormal moles that you may find helpful.


Basal cell skin cancers

There are different types of basal cell skin cancer. 

Nodular basal cell cancer

Nodular basal cell cancers look see through (translucent) and often you can see their blood vessels. Sometimes they have a sore (ulcerated) area in the centre. Here are some close up pictures.

basal cell

Basal cell 3

Basal cell 2

Pigmented basal cell cancer

Pigmented basal cell cancers have dark areas and can look like warts or sometimes melanoma.

Pigmented basal

Here is a magnified view.

Pigmented basal 2

Morphoeic basal cell carcinoma

Morphoeic is pronounced mor-fee-ic. This type of basal cell skin cancer may look like a sore area on the skin that doesn’t heal. If you have had an area like this for more than 3 weeks, it is important to see your doctor. This type may also look like a scar or a thickened area of skin that very slowly gets bigger.

Morphoeic 2


Squamous cell skin cancers

Squamous cell skin cancers can vary in how they look. These are some close up pictures of common types.


Squamous 2

Squamous 3

They usually occur on areas of skin exposed to sunlight, like the scalp.

Squamous scalp

They are also common on the ear.

Squamous ear

We thank Dr Charlotte Proby for her kind permission to use the photographs on this page.

sunbed regulation act

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Updated: 9 September 2014