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Surgery is one of the main treatments for soft tissue sarcomas. You might have it with other treatments. Knowing more about what type of surgery you are having, how your doctors prepare you for it and how you will feel afterwards can help you cope. 

Going into hospital

What you need to take in, what to expect and how to prepare to make it less stressful.

Preparing for surgery

What happens before surgery, the people you will meet and the exercises you need to do.

On the day

On the day of the operation you have to stop eating for a period of time and get ready for surgery. Find out more about what happens and about having an anaesthetic.

Limb sparing surgery

Get more information on how you have limb sparing surgery for a soft tissue sarcoma. 

Surgery to remove a limb (amputation)

Sometimes the only way to get rid of a sarcoma is to remove your limb or part of your limb. Understanding more about it and what to expect can help you cope.

Plastic surgery

Find out about plastic surgery for soft tissue sarcomas. 

Surgery for sarcoma that has spread

When sarcoma spreads to a different part of the body it is called a secondary cancer. Surgery is sometimes possible if it has spread to the lungs or the liver. 

Specialist surgery

There are some types of specialist surgery for soft tisssue sarcomas that you might have. 

After your operation

How you'll feel and your recovery after your operation depends on where your soft tissue sarcoma is and the type of operation you have.

Last reviewed: 
19 Mar 2015

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