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Treating lymphoedema

The aim of treating lymphoedema is to manage it rather than cure it. You usually have a combination of treatments, which can include manual lymphatic drainage (specialised massage), bandaging, compression garments and exercise.

Types of treatment for lymphoedema

There are different types of treatment for lymphoedema, including some newer treatments. There is also more research going on.

Which treatment do you need?

The type of lymphoedema treatment you have will depend on how much swelling you have and which part of your body it affects.

Caring for your skin when you have lymphoedema

Caring for your skin is important when you have lymphoedema. You can do several things to protect it, and there are ways to reduce your risk of infection.

Compression treatment for lymphoedema

You can have compression treatment for lymphoedema in different ways, depending on where the swelling is.

Massage (manual lymphatic drainage) treatment for lymphoedema

You can have a special type of massage to reduce swelling from lymphoedema. It’s called manual lymphatic draining or MLD.

Exercise, positioning and lymphoedema

There are exercises you can do to help reduce lymphoedema swelling. You can also position yourself in ways that help the lymph to drain.

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