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How to define your eyebrows

Some cancer treatments cause hair loss, including eyebrows.

Eyebrows frame your face, so losing them can change how you look and feel about yourself.

If you have lost your eyebrows, learning how to disguise this can boost your confidence and help you to look and feel like you.

Make up tips if you have lost your eyebrows

Many people worry about what colour to choose.

Try to buy products before you start your treatment. You might be tired and not feel like shopping once treatment starts.

It will also be easier to find products that match your natural eyebrow colour and give you time to practice before the hair falls out.

You might be able to use the same eyeshadow to replace your eyebrows and define your eyes.

Use an eye primer before you apply your eye shadow or pencil to help it stay in place and make it last longer.

There are different types of products and each has its own pros and cons. Applying eye primer first can help make up to last longer.

Eyebrow stencil packs

These include different sizes of stencil, a small brush, a shadow and highlighters.

Some eyebrow stencils have a single shadow and others have several colours that you can mix and blend to get the right colour for you.

Most department stores and some high street chemists stock these.

Use the highlighter (a light colour) to raise your brow line. Just use a little, under the arch of your eyebrow.

You can also use the highlighter:

  • to cover any blue tint in the skin at the inner corner of the eye
  • on the top of your cheekbone to emphasise it
  • down the side of your nose to make it look slimmer

Eyebrow kits

These include a wax and a shadow. The wax helps to fix the shadow.

You can put the wax on first and then the shadow. Or you can mix the wax with the shadow and put both on together.

Eyebrow pencils

These are good if you have just lost some of your eyebrows or they have partly grown back. You can also use them to add depth to your eyebrows.

First, colour in the brow with your shadow. Then use the pencil to add a few strokes to look like hairs.

This can look very natural but takes practice. It may help to practise doing it on your arm.

Last reviewed: 
31 Mar 2014
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