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Depression is different from feeling sad. It is an illness and needs treatment. Find out about symptoms, treatment, current research and how to cope with drepression when you have cancer.

About depression and cancer

Find out about how depression is different from feeling sad and how it is important to recognise if you are depressed when you have cancer. 

Causes of depression

Read about the causes of depression, and how it can affect you if you have cancer.

Symptoms of depression

The symptoms you may have if you are depressed and how to deal with suicidal thoughts.

Treating depression

Find out how your doctor can assess if you have depression and how different talking therapies, anti depressants or herbal remedies can help to make you feel better.

Research into depression

Researchers are looking at ways to help treat depression in people with cancer.

Resources and organisations

Organisations, support groups, books, leaflets and CDs to help you cope with depression.

Last reviewed: 
22 Jul 2014

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