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Can itching be a sign of breast cancer?

Itching can be a sign of breast cancer, but this is very rare. There is a type of breast cancer called inflammatory breast cancer. With this type of cancer, the area of skin over the tumour can become red, inflamed, painful and itchy. And a condition called Paget's disease of the nipple, which is associated with breast cancer, can cause itchiness.

If you have a patch of itching skin, it is more likely to be eczema or some other type of skin condition. But it is important to get it checked out by your doctor and local breast screening unit as soon as possible. Inflammatory breast cancer can be quite a fast growing cancer so the earlier it is diagnosed the better.

Look at the section about breast cancer signs and symptoms for more information about what to look out for when checking for breast cancer.

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Updated: 5 August 2014