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Tests to diagnose

You might have one or more of these tests to check whether your symptoms are due to bladder cancer.

Cystoscopy under local anaesthetic

Cystoscopy as a test to look at the inside of your bladder and examine it for signs of cancer. See how you have this test.

Cystoscopy and biopsy

Your doctor takes tissue samples (biopsies) from your bladder lining. These samples are looked at in the laboratory.

Ultrasound scan

You may have an ultrasound scan of your tummy (abdomen) to look at your urinary system. 

CT urogram

This CT scan checks that blood in your urine is coming from the bladder, and not from somewhere else in your urinary system. 

Intravenous urogram

Find out what an intravenous urogram is and how you have it. 

Last reviewed: 
31 Jul 2015

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