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Who's who

Prof Nicholas James


Nick is a cancer consultant at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham. He is also a Professor of Oncology at the University of Birmingham Institute for Cancer Studies where he is involved in research into cancer treatment and co-founded CancerHelp UK in 1995, which has since become the patient information website of Cancer Research UK. His other main research interest is in the use of information technology in cancer treatment and care. Nick cannot respond to direct approaches about treatment. Please contact your own GP or specialist.

Sally Tweddle

Co-founder of the site

Sally was an educationalist with an interest in literacy. Before founding CancerHelp UK, she worked for the National Council for Educational Technology in Coventry. Her husband's cancer and their search for cancer information on the Internet inspired the setting up of a cancer website with its aim of accessible, comprehensive and easily readable information. Sadly Sally herself died from cancer in December 1999. Her obituary is printed in full on the site.

CancerHelp UK is now fully owned by Cancer Research UK and managed entirely within the charity. 

Jennifer Childs

New Content Manager

Jennifer is an experienced oncology nurse. She has been a specialist in cancer information for many years, and has a wealth of experience in writing information for cancer information websites. Before joining Cancer Research UK, she worked on a national cancer helpline and led the development of a new website for teenagers with cancer. Jenny is the principal writer of new information for the site with added responsibility for managing development and production of visual content, including diagrams and video.

Clair Lawrence

Administration Manager

Clair is responsible for putting up new text on the website and trials on to the clinical trials database. She also manages the administration of the clinical trials database and has had considerable input in developing the information management systems that are so important in keeping the database up to date. Clair also helps with sourcing new trials for inclusion on the site and has extended her role to producing diagrams for the trials .

Debbie Gibbs

Clinical Information Nurse

Debbie worked for a number of years as an oncology nurse. During this time she developed an interest in cancer information and could see firsthand the importance of good quality information for cancer patients and their families. Debbie worked for the Cancer Information Nurse Team for 5 years before joining the patient information web team. Her main role is to help review and update the information on the site.

Trevor Bott

Clinical Trials Database Nurse

Trevor has worked in cancer care for many years and has experience in haematology, oncology and palliative care nursing. For 6 years Trevor worked as a research nurse. He joined the team in 2009 to write plain English summaries for the clinical trials database.

Becky Dennis

Clinical Information Nurse

Becky is an experienced cancer nurse who has worked in both medical oncology and haematology. She worked on cancer helplines for a number of years and now reviews and updates the information on the site. 

Lucy Manship

Clinical Information nurse

Lucy is an oncology nurse with experience in different aspects of cancer nursing, including haematology and adolescent oncology. She previously worked as a member of the Cancer Information Nurse Team for 8 years before joining the patient information web team. Her main role is to help review and update the information on the site.

Julia Nicol

Clinical Trials Database Nurse

Julia is a an experienced cancer care nurse. Before joining Cancer Research UK she worked as an oncology and haematology nurse. She was also a research nurse for 6 years and could see how important it was for people taking part in clinical trials to have good quality information. Her main role is writing plain English summaries for the clinical trials database.

Helen Thompson

Senior Patient Information Nurse Specialist

Helen is a cancer nurse with experience in oncology and haematology. She worked as one of the Cancer Information Nurses at Cancer Research UK for 13 years before joining the Patient Information Web Team. Her main role is to write new information for the site and summaries for the clinical trials database.

Hermanus Louw

Hermanus has experience in several areas of cancer care, as well as in patient information writing and telephone support. He specialised as a lymphoedema practitioner and worked with lymphoedema patients at different stages of cancer and treatment. This experience made him sensitive to the tailored information patients need at different times.       

Jaskiran Heer

Jaskiran is an experienced therapy radiographer, who has practiced within many different areas of radiotherapy. During her time as a radiographer, Jaskiran also gained writing skills and had a lot of patient contact. This made her realise how it important it is for patients to be well informed about their treatment. She enjoys providing patients with good quality information.

Stuart Foreman


Stuart assists with the administration of the clinical trials database. He also puts up new trials on the website. And he helps with collecting information relating to the ECMC initiative.

Ryan Barker-Francis

Administrative Assistant

Ryan assists with the administration of the clinical trials database, including uploading new trials on the website. And he manages the patient information email account. He also collates all the patient information web team activity records and monitors and maintains a record of all feedback.

Jennifer Green

Visual Content Assistant

Jennifer assists with the production of visual patient information including video, animation and diagrams for the site.

The Cancer Research UK Information Nurses

Our team of cancer information nurses, headed by manager Martin Ledwick, answer the questions you send to Cancer Research UK via the Ask the cancer nurses a question form. Some members of the nurse team help with writing trial summaries for our clinical trials database. Others have contributed to patient information sections on specific cancers.

You can contact the information nurses directly on 0808 800 4040. The cancer information nurse team is a member of the Telephone Helpline Association and has achieved their quality standard.

You can contact the Cancer Research UK patient information web team

Patient information Web Team
Policy and Information Department
Cancer Research UK
Angel Building
407 St John Street
London EC1V 4AD

Email for all admin and business queries: patientinformation@cancer.org.uk

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Updated: 6 March 2017