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The treatment you have depends on the stage and type of your testicular cancer. You usually have surgery and might also have chemotherapy or radiotherapy.


Surgery to remove the testicle is usually the first treatment for testicular cancer. Find out about surgery, and what to expect in hospital and after your operation.

Monitoring (surveillance)

Find out about monitoring (surveillance) after removal of a testicle for testicular cancer.


Read about when and how you have chemotherapy for testicular cancer, and its possible side effects.


Find out when and how you have radiotherapy for testicular cancer, and its possible side effects.

Treatment decisions

Find out about how your doctor decides which treatment you need, the types of treatment you might have and treatment by stage.

Sperm banking

Find out about sperm banking before treatment for testicular cancer.

Follow up

After treatment, you have regular check ups to look for signs of the cancer coming back. This is called monitoring or follow up.

If your cancer comes back

Sometimes testicular cancer comes back (relapses) after treatment. It can still usually be cured. 

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