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Alcohol and smoking

After a diagnosis of cancer, men often want to know about smoking and alcohol and what they can do to help themselves.


There is no evidence that alcohol affects the growth of prostate cancer. But keeping within the government guidelines can help you to maintain a healthy weight and is better for your overall health.

The government guidelines produced in 2016 state that there is no level of regular drinking that can be considered completely safe. If you choose to drink, the guidelines outline the amount of alcohol that will keep the health risks of alcohol to a low level. 

This guidance is:

  • to drink no more than 14 units of alcohol a week
  • if you drink this amount, to spread this evenly over at least 3 days
  • to have some alcohol free days in the week to help cut down on the amount you drink


Stopping smoking is generally a good thing to do to help you feel fitter. Some early research suggests that continuing to smoke following a diagnosis of prostate cancer may increase the risk of the cancer coming back and of developing second primary cancers.

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