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Pictures of mouth cancer

Pictures of changes in the mouth that could be cancerous and would need urgent referral to a specialist.

These photos give you an idea of what possible mouth cancers can look like, but remember that they might appear differently to this.

It's important to be aware of the symptoms of mouth cancer so you can contact your GP or dentist if you notice anything abnormal. There are pictures of:

  • a shallow ulcer
  • a speckled ulcer
  • tongue cancer
  • a red patch under the tongue

A shallow ulcer

Below is a picture of a shallow ulcer on the lower lip.

Photo showing cancer on lip

A speckled ulcer

The picture below shows a speckled ulcer on the inside of the cheek.

Photo showing mouth cancer

Tongue cancer

This picture below shows cancer on the side of the tongue.

Photo showing cancer on the tongue

A red patch under the tongue

Below is a picture of a red patch underneath the tongue.

Photograph showing mouth cancer under tongue
Last reviewed: 
17 Jan 2017
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