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Tests to diagnose

Find out about the tests used to diagnose lung cancer.

Chest x-ray

Find out how a chest x-ray can show lung cancer, how you have a chest x-ray, and what happens afterwards.

CT scan

Find out how a CT scan can help to diagnose lung cancer and what happens during the test.

Bronchoscopy under local anaesthetic

Find out about having a bronchoscopy under a local anaesthetic. This test can help to diagnose lung cancer.

Bronchoscopy under general anaesthetic

Some people need to have a bronchoscopy under a general anaesthetic to see whether they have lung cancer or not. Find out why you might have this test and what happens.

Bronchoscopy and ultrasound (endobronchial ultrasound)

Read about an endobronchial ultrasound and what happens during and after the test.

Biopsy through the skin

This test is called a percutaneous lung biopsy. Your doctor takes a sample of lung tissue by passing a needle into the lung. Read about how you prepare for the test and how you have it.

Surgical biopsy

Read about having a surgical biopsy of the lung and how you might feel before and afterwards.

Neck lymph node ultrasound and biopsy

Read about having a neck lymph node ultrasound and biopsy to check whether there are lung cancer cells in the lymph nodes.

Testing for gene mutations

Read about testing for gene mutations as part of diagnosing non small cell lung cancer.

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21 Jul 2014

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