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Surgery to remove your spleen

Doctors don't often use surgery to treat hairy cell leukaemia. This is because leukaemia is a disease that affects the whole body. It is called a systemic disease.

So the best treatment is one that treats the whole body, such as chemotherapy or biological therapy. But some people with hairy cell leukaemia need an operation to remove the spleen (splenectomy). 

About surgery to remove your spleen

Find out what the spleen is, why doctors might need to remove it for hairy cell leukaemia, and how they do the operation.

Preparing for surgery

What happens before surgery, the people you’ll meet and the exercises you need to do.

Going into hospital

What you need to take in, what to expect and how to prepare to make it less stressful.

On the day

Get information on what happens on the day of surgery, including having a general anaesthetic.

After surgery

Find out how you’ll feel after surgery to remove your spleen, when you can go home, and your follow up appointments.

Last reviewed: 
21 Apr 2015

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