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Sex and cancer for women

Cancer and its treatments can affect how you feel about your body and your sex life. Depending on what treatments you have, there are various ways to manage these side effects. You can also find support to cope with your feelings about changes to your sex life.

Early menopause

Some types of cancer treatment can affect your sex life and sexuality because they can cause an early menopause. 

Hormone therapy

Hormone therapies are treatments for cancer that use hormones, or drugs that block hormones.

Sexuality and breast surgery

Breast surgery can affect how you feel about your body and sex.

Surgery to the pelvic area and genitals

You might need surgery to the womb, cervix, ovaries or genital area.


Radiotherapy is used for many different types of cancer. It might be part of your cancer treatment.

Coping with a low sex drive

Find out how cancer and its treatment might affect your interest in sex (libido).

Coping with losing your fertility

You may be dealing with changes to your fertility.

Last reviewed: 
27 Feb 2014

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