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Treating cancer pain

There are many different ways of treating cancer pain. And there are different people who can treat it.

Doctors and nurses will assess your pain to make sure you get the right treatment. You might have some worries about pain treatment, but knowing more about it can be reassuring. 

Who treats pain

Many people can treat cancer pain, from health professionals to counsellors. It’s worth knowing what each of them can do. You can also help yourself.

Measuring cancer pain

Doctors measure cancer pain so they can give you the right treatment. This can include asking questions, examining you and rating your pain on a scale.

Worries about taking painkillers

Some things can get in the way of treating pain effectively, including any worries you might have about painkillers. Knowing about these barriers can help.

Pain killing drugs

Whatever painkillers you have to treat cancer pain, it helps to know more about what you're taking and any possible side effects.

Other ways of treating cancer pain

As well as painkillers, there are other ways to help control cancer pain. These include cancer treatments to shrink your cancer. Other ways include injections, nerve blocks and acupuncture.

Last reviewed: 
27 Feb 2014

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