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Neuroblastoma is a rare cancer that affects children, mostly under the age of 5 years old. Around 100 children are diagnosed with neuroblastoma each year in the UK. Very rarely it can occur in older children, teenagers and adults.

About neuroblastoma

Neuroblastoma often starts in the tummy (abdomen), commonly in the adrenal glands or the nerve tissue at the back of the abdomen.  

Neuroblastoma treatment

Get information on what treatments are available for neuroblastoma.

Neuroblastoma treatment by stage

Treatment for neuroblastoma depends on what stage it is at and whether there is a low, medium or high risk of the cancer coming back after treatment.

Research into neuroblastoma

Doctors are always looking to improve the diagnosis and treatment of neuroblastoma. 

Coping with neuroblastoma

Get information on organisations and resources that can help you and your family cope with a diagnosis of neuroblastoma.

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05 Sep 2014

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