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Treatment for advanced cancer

Deciding about treatment can be difficult when you have advanced cervical cancer. Treatment can help to reduce symptoms, make you feel better and sometimes can help you to live longer. Find out about the different types of treatment you might have, when you might have them and about possible side effects.

Making decisions about treatment for advanced cancer

Read about making treatment decisions when you have advanced cancer.

Radiotherapy for advanced cancer

Find out what happens when you have radiotherapy for advanced cervical cancer.

Chemotherapy for advanced cancer

Chemotherapy can be used to treat advanced cervical cancer. Find out how and what the side effects are.

Chemoradiotherapy for advanced cancer

Chemoradiotherapy means that you have radiotherapy alongside chemotherapy

Surgery for advanced cervical cancer

Find out how you have surgery for advanced cervical cancer.

Ascites (swollen tummy)

Find out about the causes of a swollen tummy (ascites) and treatments that might help to reduce the build-up of fluid.

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