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Emotional effects of radiotherapy

Find out about the feelings and emotions you might have during or after radiotherapy treatment.

Feelings and emotions you may have

It is common to feel very tired and upset during radiotherapy. Or you might feel anxious and depressed during the treatment. Many people having radiotherapy share these feelings.

One woman told us: "During my radiotherapy I became very emotional. I'd start crying for no reason."

Many people say that they feel very low or depressed a couple of weeks after their treatment has finished. The side effects may then be at their highest level and it is common to feel extremely tired.

You might also feel that you have lost your support network at the hospital if your next follow up appointment is a few weeks away. This can make you feel very lonely.

You might have a whole range of feelings, from anxiety, fear, hopelessness, and anger to depression. These feelings are all common during and after treatment for cancer.

The tiredness that radiotherapy causes can make it feel even harder to cope with strong emotions.

Where to get help

Having treatment for cancer can be very upsetting. We all have our own ways of managing difficulties.

Some people have a close network of family and friends to support them. Others would rather get help from people who aren't involved in their illness. 

There is a lot of help available if you need it. You can ask at your treatment hospital about the help in your area.

There might be local support groups for people having treatment for the same type of cancer. The hospital may provide counselling or your GP can refer you to a local counsellor.

Find local cancer information and support

NHS Choices helps you to find local cancer information and support.

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14 Mar 2016
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