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Choosing between lumpectomy or mastectomy

Information about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of surgery for early breast cancer.

The treatments work equally well in curing the cancer but they each have different benefits and disadvantages.

Your doctor might offer you a choice between:

  • removing the cancer with a surrounding border of normal breast tissue (called a wide local excision or lumpectomy) followed by several weeks of radiotherapy
  • removing the whole breast (mastectomy) and then possibly having a new breast made (breast reconstruction)

Things to consider

There are no right or wrong answers when you are making a decision between treatments. Women each feel very differently.

Some women want to keep their breast if at all possible, so they choose a lumpectomy (wide local excision) and radiotherapy.

Other women feel that once they have breast cancer they would rather have the whole breast removed and they might then have a new breast made.

Some women feel strongly that they don't want radiotherapy. Others welcome it if it means keeping their breast.

The most important thing is to take time to find out how you feel and make the right decision for you.

To help you decide, you might want to consider:

  • how you feel about having the whole breast removed
  • how you feel about having only part of the breast removed
  • how you feel about having radiotherapy
  • how quickly you want the treatment to be finished
  • how you would cope with travelling to hospital daily for radiotherapy
  • whether you want to have a breast reconstruction
  • whether you would want reconstruction straight away or some months after surgery

Remember that you don't have to make a decision about treatment straight away. You can say to your specialist that you need some time to think over your options.

You can discuss the issues with family or friends, or reflect on your own about how you feel. Before making a decision you can also ask your specialist nurse questions about the different treatments if you need to.

Advantages of lumpectomy

  • aims to keep most of the breast tissue
  • is less of a change to your body than mastectomy
  • has a recovery time of a few weeks

Disadvantages of lumpectomy

  • your breast might be mis-shapen or dimpled or unequal to the other one
  • you will need radiotherapy to the breast for 3 to 5 weeks afterwards
  • radiotherapy can make you tired for a few months
  • if the cancer comes back some time afterwards, you won't be able to have radiotherapy and would need mastectomy

Advantages of mastectomy

  • you might feel more confident your cancer won't come back
  • you usually won't need radiotherapy after the surgery
  • you can have radiotherapy to the area if your cancer comes back in the future

Disadvantages of mastectomy

  • you have permanent removal of your breast
  • if you don't have reconstruction you might need to wear an external breast shape (prosthesis)
  • if you have breast reconstruction it can take some months to recover

Factors affecting which surgery might be best for you:

  • the size of your cancer
  • where the cancer is in your breast
  • whether there is more than one area of cancer
  • the size of your breasts
  • your general health

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