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Invasive bladder cancer

Invasive bladder cancer means that the cancer cells have spread beyond the inner lining of the bladder and into the muscle layer. There is a risk that the cancer could spread to other areas of the body if it is not treated.

Treatment decisions

Find out about making treatment decisions for cancer that has spread into the bladder muscle.


Surgery for invasive bladder cancer usually means having your bladder removed, and a new way of passing urine made. See which surgery you may have and what happens afterwards.


Radiotherapy uses high energy waves to kill bladder cancer cells. See how you have it and the possible side effects.


Chemotherapy uses anti cancer drugs to destroy cancer cells. You might have it before or during radiotherapy, or before or after surgery.


 Find out what chemoradiotherapy is and why you might have this treatment for bladder cancer.

Follow up

After treatment for invasive bladder cancer, you have regular check ups. Find out about follow up appointments and tests.

Last reviewed: 
31 Jul 2015

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