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pleurx catheter

18 May 2019 09:45


I'd be interested to hear the experiences of fellow Mesothelioma patients who've had a pleurx catheter fitted.




pleurx catheter

21 May 2019 09:08 in response to bal72

Hi Barrie, 

I couldn't find any recent discussions from Mesothelioma patients about pleurx catheters but I wanted to put you in touch with a few of our members with this diagnosis in case you wanted to chat about what you're going through and support each other on your journeys. @NanDi ‍ is new to the forum and just found out she has this and @Vikf ‍'s dad was diagnosed in February. There is a discussion just here that you may want to join in on as well.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help but do give our cancer nurses a call if you'd like to have a chat with someone about pleurx catheters.

Kind regards,

Steph, Cancer Chat Moderator

pleurx catheter

21 May 2019 09:43 in response to Moderator Steph

Thank you. 

pleurx catheter

21 May 2019 10:37 in response to NanDi

Hi All, 

Unfortunately my father passed on 13 April shortly after his diagnosis. I am happy to answer any questions you may have if it will help.