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Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

6 Mar 2018 07:49

Hi, following a CT scan and a few blood tests my gynocologist discovered a tumour on my left ovary measuring 6cm in diameter. At first I was told it was benign but when the inhibit results came through they found it was cancer, possibly granulosa. I was then sent to a gynocological oncologist where I was told that he will assemble a team and that I would be having an abdominal hysterectomy. Going tomorrow to confirm surgery. Hoping it has not spread and is contained in the ovary. Very anxious and scared. Wanted to share. Thank you for reading this. Penny

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

6 Mar 2018 10:12 in response to Penny52

Hello Penny52.  Welcome.  I have not personally had any of you medical experiences but have looked through previous posts and came across the following discussion:

You will see there are links provided to other posts on this subject so I have attached the entire correspondence (a) so you can pick out the ones most useful and relevant and (b)  I am not good at picking bits out and linking them.  I do hope you will find some of the information useful.

You can ring the nurses on this website (Freefone 0808 800 4040) to discuss your treatment which I hope will allay some of your worries.  They work Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.  Please do keep in touch as everyone here can help each other with support and in many cases their own experience.  Best wishes.  Annie

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

6 Mar 2018 10:28 in response to Annieliz

Thank you Annie. I’ll look over the older posts. Thank you  

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

6 Mar 2018 17:32 in response to Penny52

Chin up Penny, I know just how you are feeling - as though death is staring you in the face, but it isn't!   Once treatment started I felt much calmer.  I was diagnosed with ovarian in early 2012 with high grade serous cancer, for which I had a total hysterectomy plus 6 rounds of chemo.  All was well until I had a recurrence in 2015 and underwent a second op to remove part of my bowel to which the new tumour was attached, then another 6 chemos.  

Any time you need a chat, or just to let your feelings out, give me a shout.  Meantime  I'll be thinking of you, especially tomorrow. 

God bless, Hazel xx

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

8 Mar 2018 13:29 in response to haze44

Update: hysterectomy scheduled for next Thursday 15th March. Was told it will be vertical incision full open hysterectomy, plus my peritoneal tissue will also be removed. Oncologist could not tell me what type of cancer it was nor the stage. Instead he said that during surgery they will have a clearer picture of what’s going on plus they will apply a dye which will highlight if cancer has spread to other areas. I’m anxious and cannot wait for it to be removed, thank God I have had my children (3 beautiful teenage girls). Just praying it has not spread. Thank you for responses ... I’ll keep you posted. Regards Penny. ✝️

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

8 Mar 2018 14:03 in response to Penny52

Thanks for the update, Penny; have put it on the calendar.  Looking forward to a good result.  Annie

Re: Ovarian Cancer - Newly diagnosed

16 Mar 2018 12:55 in response to Penny52

Hello Penny, hope all went well yesterday.  I doubt you'll read this for a while, but just want to send my love and encouragement for a good recovery from your op. That's step one out of the way, now let's hope that the findings are not too bad. Thinking of you, sending a big hug - only a gentle one as I know you have a sore belly! 

Hazel xx