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What should I eat during chemotherapy?

I am having chemotherapy and wondered if there is a recommended diet? Are there any high calorie diets that might help?

Cancer Research UK does not recommend any particular special diet while you are having chemotherapy. Each person has different dietary requirements and we recommend asking your doctor to refer you to a dietician who can give you professional advice.

One of the possible side effects of chemotherapy is loss of appetite. You may not feel like eating much during your treatment. So it may be easier to eat little and often, rather than trying to eat larger main meals. We have information about maintaining a good calorie intake in the managing diet problems section. There are tips such as trying high calorie meals in a drink if you really don't feel like eating much. You can also buy protein powders and high energy powders and sprinkle these on everyday foods or add them to recipes. Ask to see the hospital dietician, who can advise you on the different makes.

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Updated: 19 January 2015