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:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

2 Aug 2018 16:57

4:15 on the 2/8/17 my wonderful mother passed away from bowel cancer . Can’t believe it’s been year I haven seen her or talk 2 her I miss her so much my heart broken I wish I could hold her once again and tell her how much I love her . I miss everything about her I wish my mother was her 2 see my little boy he 2 half now my mother would have spoilt him rotten it’s the little things I miss. I love u so much mam I miss u so much I wish I could wake up and it was all been bad dream wishful thinking I know  Sad 

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

2 Aug 2018 22:13 in response to Gemini39

I lost my mum four mo years ago and I am struggling so much its killing me I know just how you feel its like a smack in the face every now and again that it's real I haven't had one day where I haven't cried I've been so ill off work my life is goin down the pan but I know I've got to get a grip but it just doesn't let you does it bless you i thought it might get easier but then I read your post apparently time heals I really hope we both get through it where abouts are you in England x 

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

3 Aug 2018 04:52 in response to Jaw54

Hi so sorry 2 read ur situation it so hard in it I’m not from  England I’m from South Wales . Thanks 4 taken time in answering my post I haven been on here 4 while I been really struggling just miss her so much I hate cancer if she didn’t have cancer my mother would be still here. Any time u need chat I’m here take care x 

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

5 Aug 2018 18:42 in response to Gemini39

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

6 Aug 2018 00:23 in response to Gemini39

I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost mum on the 4th Sept last year and I've been really struggling these past few months.

I don't post on here often but read other peoples stories and messages of support when i am feeling really low. Your post really struck a chord.

Mum had bowel cancer too and we lost her 17 days after diagnosis. It seems just like yesterday and I can't believe we are approaching a year already.

Mum passed away on my little girls first birthday, Mum doted on her and I really stuggle that she is not here to see my baby girl grow up.

I can't offer any advice as I'm struggling too but just know you are not alone and I really hope things get easier for you x

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

8 Aug 2018 12:19 in response to Lou_81

Hi thank u 4 answering my post . I’m so sorry 2 read about ur situation . It’s so hard in it hope u ok take care x 

:(Year August 2 My Wonderful Mother passed Away):

27 Jun 2019 21:57 in response to Gemini39

It’s been 3weeks since I lost my beautiful smiley mum, lung cancer took her away from me, she was only 60!!I miss her so much that it hurts!!! I can’t forget the last time I saw her I kissed her & said”I will see you tomorrow” and tomorrow never came!!! She passed away on her sleep!! God I miss her so much!!! I have so much to tell her already!!! I trying to be strong but it’s nearly impossible!!! I wish that they find the cure for all cancers!! Love you mum yesterday, today, tomorrow & always ❤️