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Worried about uterine results

13 Nov 2020 16:51

I have posted before but I need someone who knows what I am going through to give a little advice or share their stories. 
I have had strange periods for a while but over the pat year or so they have become worse. I finally plucked up the courage to speak to GP. Sent to private hospital as my local hospital is over flowing with Gyne referrals. Any way he did a scan (he was very rude and abrupt) and said he saw something sinister. He did a biopsy there and then (my word it hurt). He didn't say much, just showed me scan pictures. He said lining was thick. 10 days later, I received his report and he wasn't overly truthful in what I had said. He stated that my lining was 16mm and no growths.
I have been on antibiotics due to pain and bleeding since the biopsy. 

My GP referred me for a scan on Monday (due to pain and bleeding 3 weeks after biopsy) this week and I was told to come in the next day. I had the scan and she stated that the lining was Significantly thicker than what was seen 3 weeks ago and there was a growth (she couldn't say what it was).

The doctors called today. I was hoping it was for the biopsy but it was for the scan I had Tuesday (3 days ago). She said I am already under the consultant but my GP needed to speak to me about my TVS scan. I have an appointment Monday first thing.

I am petrified that something is right. 
I was thinking it's been nearly 4 weeks since the biopsy so it must be ok if no results are ready, but now I am even more concerned.

sorry to ramble on



Worried about uterine results

15 Nov 2020 22:11 in response to Katkins23

Hello Katkins23, 

I just wanted to drop by and say we are thinking of you and we hope that your appointment first thing tomorrow goes well and sheds some light on what is going on. It is normal for you to feel really anxious right now. It won't be long though until you talk to your GP and I am keeping everything crossed for you for tomorrow. 

Best wishes, 

Lucie, Cancer Chat Moderator

Worried about uterine results

11 Dec 2020 13:39 in response to Katkins23

Had a hysterectomy preformed 10 days ago. The consultant and nurses were amazing and really put me at ease. Unfortunately the doctor stated that my lining (the day after period had finished) was bumpy and irregular. She has taken 3 samples for a biopsy.

I received a report of the appointment yesterday and it states that I have a polyploid endometrium and it looks suspicious. This is worried me as doctors know what to look for. Just have to sit tight and wait for biopsy results (apparently there is a backlog in pathology)

My lining measured before all of the investigations 21.1mm with a growth (ultrasound)