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Worried about ovarian cancer

13 Mar 2018 22:06

I have been having almost constant bleeding, extremely bad back pain and bloating for quite a while now. I have had a blood test and everything came back as normal but my doctor doesn't seem keen to do any other tests. I spoke to her this morning and she recommended everything from vitamins, cutting down on caffeine and self referring to a muscular skeletal clinic. How can I make her take this a bit more seriously. 

Re: Worried about ovarian cancer

14 Mar 2018 08:36 in response to Tiny_ange

Hello Tiny_ange and welcome.  I have to say that on the basis of the information you have provided it does not sound like a very helpful response.  Why should you have to refer to a muscular skeletal clinic.  Is it possible for you to see another doctor - I don't know the nature of  your GP surgery but they usually have more than one doctor you can choose to see.  When you say you have spoken to your doctor I wondered if it had been a telephone consultation - not uncommon in London where I live - and they can be a bit cursory.  Alternatively if you are bleeding a lot and suffering badly you could attend an A&E; again in London the big teaching hospitals sometimes have a two-tier A&E system - one for life-threatening situations and the other for potentially serious but less threatening matters.  I and the other people who post here regularly have absolutely no medical training and don't know what may be causing your problem but I should get it seen by another doctor ASAP if I were in your shoes.   Not that I necessarily think it is something serious (like cancer, which I am guessing is what you suspect as you have come here - which you are most welcome to do) but because of the pain it is causing you and it is not good to be losing blood regularly.  Let us know how you get on (actually, you don't have to but it would be nice to know).  Best wishes.  Annie

Re: Worried about ovarian cancer

14 Mar 2018 12:38 in response to Annieliz

Thank you Annie, it was a phone consultation but they seem very reluctant to see or suggest anything. The C word was not something I considered  (i thought it may be thyroid), but it was only when talking to a friend who had been diagnosed a few years ago (i didn't know her then) that she said she had every symptom I have got and she felt she had been ignored too. 

I don't go to the doctor's often as generally in very good health, and I feel a bit like i am being dismissed but with absolutely no advice. Just don't know how I go about getting them to listen to me.