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Worried about ovarian cancer

18 May 2019 15:28

I am in turmoil and am unable to discuss with anyone.

i have been visiting the Dr for the last few months with Gyne problems , heavy frequent bleeding , painful Intercourse, abdominal bloating.lowback pain

Advised it was my IBS, I am 49 and have had IBS since a young teenager so know my symptoms.

back pain given naproxen and told it was arthritis 

i had an internal and smear in Feb and was found to have polyp inside lining of womb, waiting to have that removed .

for more than 2 weeks my stomach has been huge , I look 6months pregnant. Dr thought I had a blockage even though I insisted my bowels were ok . Sent to hospital had X-ray which ruled out blockage , advised stop naproxen as could be aggravating tummy and swelling would go down . Another 4 days bloating worse, back pain and pelvic pain worse and now constant nausea and full feeling ( but no wind ) back to Dr who ordered bloods and urine tests . 

Anyway I was called back to see him Thursday and a test for CA125 was abnormally high and he would refer me for an urgent scan . So I’ve done what I know very well I shouldn’t and googled what this might mean. All my symptoms are totally textbook, plus I’ve been in the scales and realised I’ve lost 5lb in 3 weeks , which could be due to reduced appetite.

my husband is being made redundant and has a job interview on Monday so I can’t tell him because he will go to bits .

feeling very scared and also cross that Dr told me , I would much rather just been referred for a scan and then been told depending on what the scan showed .

sorry to rant a bit but I have had this running through my mind now for a couple of days with no one to share it with. Goodness knows how I’m going to cope waiting for a scan !   Thanks for reading Clare

Worried about ovarian cancer

18 May 2019 16:42 in response to Maisiemum

Hey Clare 

Best for the results, I feel your pain as the wait seems like months. Scan should determine what's actually going on. Its difficult to say try not to think about it, but we are all human. Stay positive and hope the tests are clear. Keep us all posted. 

Good luck. 


Worried about ovarian cancer

18 May 2019 16:47 in response to Ellie1669

thank you for replying  x 

I had a phone call about an hour ago and now have a scan booked for May 31st - the waiting is going to be difficult but as you say at least the scan should clear up what’s causing my symptoms 

Worried about ovarian cancer

19 May 2019 09:33 in response to Maisiemum

Hi I saw my gynaecologist four months ago had ct scan internal ultrasound had results last Wednesday so nearly 4month wait which as you understand might as well have been 4years head wrecker constantly rang hitting brick walls even though advised ct scan results seen week after scan done. Results have a 15cm septated cyst (one separation) mainly fluid but small solid mass on septated membrane cancer indetermined on scan full hysterectomy on 4th of June consent form still shows suspected cancer as don't know until biopsies after op another wait! A positive is full body scan shows everywhere else healthy so if not good news after op taking positive stance that not spread . I would have thought would have been seen sooner but is what it is. How I see it is it is what it is worrying about it is normal of course but I'm trying to save all my positivity and energy to help me deal with the outcome and if further treatment needed they have the best medicines to help. So try to stay positive and save energy. Please god we all get good news! 

Worried about ovarian cancer

19 May 2019 17:12 in response to Pmb21

Oh my goodness , 4 months for the results must have been unbearable , I had better brace myself if that’s how long this may take as I have been loosing my mind over the last few days , I don’t think it’s helping the fact that I have not been able to talk to my family about what I’ve been told .

i am trying to remain positive and will be hoping for the best possible news not only for myself but everyone who is going through something similar x