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Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

18 Oct 2019 17:22


I was wondering if someone could please help me with any advice on symptoms and what to do next?

I'm a 26 year old male and Earlier this year around feb I started to have some sharp shooting  pains every now and again around the front and sides of my neck and thought nothing of it and suspected it was to do with going to the gym. Around April and may I also started to have constant achey/sharp pains towards the arm pits of both pecs and once again thought it was muscular so I stopped exercising and these pains didn't cease so I went to the drs and they said it was muscle related and gave me so naxproxen and the problem still didn't go away.

About a month after that while the other pains persisted i started to get horrendous headaches at the back of my head and started to feel 2 hard painful kidney bean sized lumps either side of the back of skull where near the top of the neck and these have changed in size and pain ever since.

In the end I started also get very bad pain around the base of neck and under the collar bone which then I started to noticed that all these pain areas you could feel what I know no to be lymph nodes some hard some soft. I went back to the drs and they said they felt normal but did a head and neck mri, lots of blood tests and liver and spleen scan any everything is normal and have played the whole thing off as anxiety. As the months go on this problem seems to be getting worse and I'm getting aches and pains every day in my joints and lots of pain in groin and seems to be worse after drinking alcohol, I feel like I'm going mad and everyone just thinks I'm being dramatic I really am at breaking point it's a struggle to to keep going.


Any advice and help would be appreciated thank you

so much for reading!


Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

18 Oct 2019 17:41 in response to appleUK

Sounds like you've really been put through the mill with your pains! Sorry to hear that.

Take some comfort that the MRI came back clear - when my lymphoma was found it was partly due to abnormalities they found on the spleen.

I would start to write a symptom diary, keeping track of pain levels etc. And go back to your gp with it after a couple of weeks. Evidently whatever is causing the problem needs sorting and until you know what it is then youre going to be suffering and worrying.

If necessary they can always send you for some more tests and get them redone. My bloods came back normal every time so it's good they looked to doing other tests too.

As I say, the MRI is positive sign however push for further assessment of it's causing you misery.


Also don't let them tell you you're too young for lymphoma - I was told that and yet was diagnosed! I don't mean to scare you, but it's just a silly thing when they say that because there's always going to be anomalies and it frustrates me they stereotype by age sometimes!

If you have any questions feel free to ask

Wishing you well



Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

18 Oct 2019 18:17 in response to Ross2991

Thank you so much for the reply, I really appreciate it and I'm so sorry to hear what your going through! 
As happy as I am for all the good results as bad as it sounds you almost want something to pop up to prove to people and yourself your not going mad! I hate when they pull the anxiety card when the only reason I am feeling worried is because of the  pains and not the other way round! I will keep going back till I can get answers but last time it was pointless as they said if these tests are fine to try therapy?! My biggest worry is untill a physical symptom they can see presents itself I will have to keep pushing on.

thank you again and I wish you all the best x

Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

19 Oct 2019 00:19 in response to appleUK

Yes it's a pain, I totally get the anxiety thing too - as someone who dealt with anxiety for the last few years I think a lot of it was put on me having health anxiety to begin with.

It seems a bit drastic but you could always ask to see a different gp for a second opinion or change practices. 

Out of interest do painkillers help at all?


Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

25 Oct 2019 17:17 in response to Ross2991

So sorry to only just got back to you, I went back to the gp again today, while she said my symptoms sounded similar to lymphoma and when she pressed the spots where they are they hurt but she said my nodes weren't swollen and just said it's all anxiety and prescribed me anti depressants, I don't know what else I can do at this point so I guess I will just have to get used to the constant sharp and achey pains everyday!

painkillers don't seem to do much but sometimes can take the edge of it abit x

Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

26 Oct 2019 23:55 in response to appleUK

Hi appleUK

I'm having similar symptoms as you and I know for a fact its not anxiety. I'm just wondering how you're feeling? Has your symptoms gotten better?



Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

28 Oct 2019 17:51 in response to XLaura27x

No better I'm afraid, it's only for worse since I started getting symptoms, I can literally feel the swollen bits on the back of my head that just ache all the time down my neck arm pits chest etc, they just said My blood tests etc are fine so I should try SSRIs and therapy lol. I tried to explain that I'm a pretty happy guy that enjoys life I'm just sick of feeling in pain but they don't get it!    

Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

28 Oct 2019 21:06 in response to appleUK

Having a similar experiance to you. I had mad itching in a spot just under my armpit and on the side of my left chest wall. This lasted over a year. I got the GP to send me for a x-ray and ultrasound. Nothing found.

But the following year a painless lump grew in the same spot as the itching on the edge of my pec. After the GP examined and confirmed it really was a assymetric lump, he send me to the Breast clinic. The consultant at the breast clinic suddenly broke off her examination when I said it was painless on manipluation and, exsapriated, dismissively said it was just a odd fatty lump. 

The itching continued, but it then got painful a few months later with a lot of pressure and stabbing pains. I got the GP to re-refer me to the breast clinic where I saw a different consultant. He said it was most likely a fatty lump, but, because it was painful, he said there is a small chance it could be something else. He referred me for a further ultrasound. That ultrasound was clear.

Frankly - I was pleased. The itching, pressure and pain had died down, and I thought it was just one of those things, and no way did I want it to be something else other than a fatty lump! 

But then the pain and itching flaired up again and got much worse to the point I could not sleep. The lump has also grown. I want a biopsy to find what the heck is causing this.  But the GP will only prescribe painkilers and antihistimines and refuses to refer me for anything else. 

In desperation I forked out 450 quid I could ill afford for a private chest MRI because I knew there was definately something there. 

Unfortunately they had me lie on the lump for a better signal in the 1.5T MRI which squashed it and it just looks like a white band blending into the skin fat. So that came back showing nothing in the radiography report. This has doubled down the GP's regard that I am a loon and refusal to send me for a biopsy. (Lymphoma can ONLY be diagnosed by biopsy) 

So I know exactly what your going through.  I know there is some persistent underlying pathology causing all these symptoms, but I cannot get a diagnosis. 

From what I have read, blood tests are only affected by lymphoma when it has spread to the bone marrow and affected the production of blood cells - stage 4.  


Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

28 Oct 2019 23:18 in response to appleUK

Hopefully we get some answers soon. The neck pain and pressure behind my skull is agonising.  I got another set of blood tests done on Friday which the doctor seemed to rush literally she ran out the door with it to get it sent away I've got an appointment on Thursday to receive my results and see where we go from there (she wanted to see me sooner but could only get Thursday) which is strange that I've to recieve my results in person and not over the phone hopefully they have finally took me serious I just want answers and to get back to my normal active self again without being in so much pain.


If you want to chat or that anytime send me a message. I know what it's like being ignored when you know that something isn't right. My family and friends aren't very supportive think I'm being silly because I'm young well 27 "it's probably nothing". 

Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

29 Oct 2019 09:44 in response to XLaura27x

I know exactly how you feel, as bad as it sounds I'm always hoping they find something just to prove I'm not going mad!

"My family and friends aren't very supportive think I'm being silly because I'm young well 27 "it's probably nothing". "
This statement is exactly the same with me they just think I'm being dramatic and it's tiring.

Ive always been active with sport and social events and it's a so frustrating being in constant pain all day then being told it's because I'm anxious lol.

Worried about Lymphoma symptoms

3 Nov 2019 01:28 in response to Ross2991

I've got a lump on the middle of the chest (approx end of finger tip size ) had it for a while now but been feeling a bit weird lately but can't get a docs app until dec , I keep waking up soaked from sweat, the lump didn't hurt at all for ages but now it feels like there's a burn in my chest behind the lump , I'm feeling drained and mentally slow I'm a 28yr male ,


sorry for the random post, we've just lost my grandad to cancer after we cared for him at home so I can't really talk to my family about this it's not fair on them, I hate going to the doctors but wish I could just find out what it could be 


sorry if I don't make too much sense I feel confused lately  thanks for reading