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19 Aug 2019 21:51

I basicly feel as I'm eating so much and my body still not storing the food I have awfulll tummy pain and aching and same in my back and my.body now aching I'm so scared 


20 Aug 2019 09:36 in response to dazzamerry86

Hello dazzamerry86

I'm sorry to hear you're still having health anxiety issues. I'm aware that you've posted numerous times over the last year with a variety of symptoms and have received many sympathetic and helpful responses from the community. I can see from a previous post you made in December 2018 that you did visit your GP who sent you for tests and these came back clear for cancer but he did diagnose you with health anxiety. In view of this we do now feel that Cancer Chat is not the right place for you to continue posting as it is only fuelling your anxiety.

Our community is run by Cancer Research UK for those affected by cancer to give and receive support to others in the same situation. By your own admission you haven't been diagnosed with cancer nor are you undergoing tests for cancer but we do acknowledge that you are dealing with very real symptoms and have severe health anxiety issues which do need addressing. 

I would suggest you now look into seeking further help to deal with your anxiety. The NHS have some helpful information about health anxiety here 

You might also find it helpful to contact the helpline provided by the charity No Panic or talk to others on a more appropriate forum such as Anxiety UK

I do hope you get the help you need but I'm afraid we can't help your further.


Moderator Sarah