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26 Nov 2022 08:41

Hi , first off I don't want to offend anyone by posting or asking for an opinion as I can only imagine what some people are going through here , so I would like to apologise first off.... I know how terrified I've made myself just with my thoughts let alone being someone who has to deal with it as a real situation , your bravery is amazing too me .... ill start off by telling you I have , chronic ocd , aniextey , depression , panic etc , I've had it for a long time but in the last 3 years it has left me bedbound , and when I say bedbound I mean bedbound , in the sense most days I cannot get up to even get a drink of water , I can't concentrate on anything , I just sit in silence everyday looking at 4 walls , obviously I'm scared of what complete inactivity has done to my health and my posture is terrible , I've developed a sort of hunch in my neck from the way I lay against my pillows and my back really hurts if I try and stand for more than 10 mins , but I seem to have new problems recently , although my anxiety is through the roof at the moment  .... ive started feeling around my abdemon and stomach and found lots of little lumps , and I've been pressing and probing for a good five weeks maybe longer , they are diffrent sizes , some deeper than others , some movable , some not alot , some tender , some not much , sometimes grouped as close as nearly next to each other , anyway I think I've made them very painful and now they hurt when I move or  painful twinges that seems to come and go and its a real burning pain aswell  , but I've also been getting other symptoms , hot flushes , a burning in my chest when breathing  , breathlessness * although due to the amount of inactivity and anxiety maybe why ? Really bad lower back pain , mid back pain , upper back pain between shoulder blades and the tips of the blades themselves , hips , lung area front and back and it all seems to be radiating in diffrent places , I also have been getting pain in my upper thighs and in my groin , and I picked something up a little while back and my whole left side felt like a pulling sensation that went tight and it took me aittle while to straighten and as I did it the feeling became looser I've had a couple of naseau moments and maybe heartburn , my urine has been very dark aswell but sometimes I tend to go longer than I should without fluid because alot if the time it's as if I'm paralysed , although I've made myself drink 4 pints a day recently and my wee has gone back to very light but does go dark again quite quickly , and I've being peeing alot more ,  I know it's down to drinking more water but I've been going more than seems normal , I'm not sure if you wee more when your nervous , problem is I'm more than nervous I'm terrified I have been everyday for years , I've not had any contact with the outside world in so long , the amount of stress that I put myself  through everyday is chronic to say the least , I also have had a terrible diet for a long time but am trying to eat better I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts anything would be much appreciated , thank you 


28 Nov 2022 10:07 in response to Db123

Hi Db123,

I'm sorry to hear of your struggles, it sounds like you're dealing with a few different things and it sounds like it must be difficult. I can see you have posted on here previously and received a reply from one of our nurses. There's not too much more I can add to that, but I would encourage you if you can to take some of their advice, whether it is trying to speak to a GP, and/or following the links for support that they provided.

Take things gradually and focus on little steps at a time to try to get the support you need.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator