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22 Jan 2022 01:03

I have just had the worst year of my life and then found out i have cancer too. My reason for posting is because i had two options for treatment. After finding out my tear duct problem was actually advanced squamous cell carcinoma that had erupted out the sac and eaten through the tissues and the bone in my face, i was sent to sheffield and offered two surgeries. One would completely remove the eye, nose and surrounding tissues and skin. The other wiuld save the eye but would remove the tumour and some skin and bone and it would be filled with skin from my forehead. Paramedian flap. I chose to save the eye and have the adjuvant radiation therapy.

 They've since told me to come back and have the eye removed and more tissue and bone but i said no. 


I really believe I'm doing the right thing becausr they've made it very clear that this cancer likes to come back regardless. Carcinoma cancers love to spread to and despite me having ut growing in my face for over a didn't spread. It did eat through the bone but it stayed on that area. The surgery has left me so badly scarred. To then ask me to come and do more ...well. i wont recognise myself anymore and as a youngish woman, im already struggling with how i look now. 

Does anyone else have experience of this?


Misdiagnosed then given a treatment they went back on? I'm also wanting to hear from anyone thats had their eye removed due to cancer and speak to them about how it affected them and their ability to drive etc. 


Wishing everyone the best of luck with treatments. 



24 Jan 2022 15:39 in response to Curlywyuly76

Hi Curlywurly76,

Welcome to Cancer Chat. This sounds like a very tough situation and I can understand it must have been a dilemma and a difficult decision to make. It sounds like you are already aware of any risks and what to potentially expect, but of course if you're unsure of anything do keep speaking to your doctor/specialist.

Hopefully you'll receive further replies here soon, particularly if others have similar experience to share.

I hope that the forum can be of some help to you - we are always here for support if you need it.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator