Together we will beat cancer



23 Nov 2022 17:16

RIP Wilko Johnson.

I’ve loved his stuff since Live at the Hope and Anchor and seeing him live in the mid-70s. By coincidence we were both diagnosed as terminal in 2013.

His autobiography describes how a fan, who just happened to be a consultant oncologist, approached him after a gig and said he thought he’d been misdiagnosed because he shouldn’t still be able to play like that! 
An amazing guy  CoolCoolCool



23 Nov 2022 19:23 in response to davek

Hi Dave...

We've lost far to many to this ... but hope your still doing o.k bud ... don't get on here much now so just wanted to say hi ..... Chrissie.... 


27 Nov 2022 10:53 in response to Chriss

Hi Chriss - no change here is good.

I hope you're coping OK.