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Why has this happened so quickly?

27 Dec 2017 19:16

My Dad is 87 which I appreciate is a good age but about four weeks ago he completely went off his legs. As he had suffered polio at the age of 14 we thought it could be post polio syndrome. His legs had been getting weaker and weaker with time and he started to suffer with agonising pain in his neck and head. He was finally admitted to hospital for an mri scan approximately 3 weeks ago and was told that he had bone cancer secondary to prostate cancer and that it was terminal. Once discharged from hospital we have had carers coming in to see him 3 times a day together with visits from a District Nurse and also a local Hospice. He is no longer in pain and has all the signs that his life is coming to an end "within hours or days rather than weeks". We just cannot cope with how quickly he has deteriorated and are worrying that the meds he has been put on at home have left him unable to stay awake,  he has a Transdermal buprenorphine patch as his main source of painkiller. He is in no pain whatsoever which we are grateful for but can the opiods make death occur quicker?

Re: Why has this happened so quickly?

27 Dec 2017 21:10 in response to jen62

Hello, jen62, so sorry to hear about your dad's rapid deterioration in health.  I do not have any experience or information that could help you but somebody else who can comment more knowledgeably may come along.  I am really only posting to ask whether you or another family member has permission to ask for and receive information from the doctor who is caring for your dad.  It sounds as though he is no longer able to make decisions or receive information about what is being done on his behalf.  In any event without  knowing the dosage and its purpose it is difficult to make any comment on the opiods.  If there is not a designated family member to deal with decisions and discussions about your dad I understand that even without your dad's permission the doctor should be giving somebody in the family the relevant information once your father is no longer capable - this arose in another case a few weeks ago and one of the moderators here kindly explained this.  You may want to ring the nurses on this website - the number is at the bottom of the screen - if you want to discuss this with somebody knowledgeable.  They are back at work (after Christmas) tomorrow - Thursday - morning.