Together we will beat cancer



14 Jul 2019 21:42

why is life cruel 


14 Jul 2019 22:43 in response to lifeiscrual

I don't know hun, but crying with you xx



15 Jul 2019 06:37 in response to tonid

It's not fair is it.


15 Jul 2019 08:53 in response to lifeiscrual

Hi - because it's life. It's not all cruel tho' is it? You must be suffering but people here have & are responding - that's not cruel it's generous & empathetic - there's a fair bit of that around too isn't there? 

I always tell myself when times are bad (& there have been plenty of those) that nothing bad lasts forever - I hope it's the same for you. Be kind to yourself. x


15 Jul 2019 09:35 in response to purrfect

What a lovely way to put things @purrfect  ... we can cry because we loose someone ... or we can smile because we were blessed to have had them in our lives ... 

Everyone on here has or is going through heartache  ... this is the place to pass through a part of our lives that's really tough ...  but your so right .. as hard as it is, there is good kind people out there .. there is wonder in the world .. we just have to look in the eyes of our children and grandchildren... 

Something that got me through my hardest cancer days .. when I didn't know just how long I had was the words I found ... life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass .... it's about learning to dance in the rain ..

So yes life can be really crule .. but it can't be good all the time ... but if we have memories to treasure .. then we have something many don't have ... and I've found in life for everything bad that's happened there is lesson to learn .. weather we take it on board is up to every one of us ...

Cancer wants us all to crumble .. it wants to not only effect those with cancer ... but those loved ones we leave behind ... to me .. saying I'm greatfull for everyone I've loved and lost ... and thanks to all of them for the memories and the lessons they taught me ... 

We carry those we loose in our hearts forever .. the same as I hope l will be carried by my son and granddaughter... not to grieve, but to remember the laughter.. the good times .. the many hugs .. and the life before cancer ... that way cancer does NOT win .. the memories do .. ❤


15 Jul 2019 22:12 in response to Chriss

well said xx