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When will we get a break?

16 Apr 2018 21:37

At the age of 27 and after welcoming my third child to the world I was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer. At the time I thought it was the end of the world.  I quickly underwent surgery followed by a course of Radio iodine. Normal (ish) life resumed for a good few weeks before blow number two.  Mum had Breast cancer.  A battle commenced with the toughest woman in the world versus the beast and after months of fight she won and was given the all clear.  That summer we ran the race for life and as we crossed the finish line we  felt safe in the knowledge that we had fought and won and we closed the book on that awful chapter. Or so we thought...

Fastforward 18months.  Blow number 3. A phone call.  Your dad has leukaemia. World shattered. Devastation.  Treatment started quickly. Dad didn’t cope well. Terribly poorly, huge weight loss, awful side effects, infections, flu, impaired vision, depression, anxiety. First blood results showing not in remission.  Keeping positive. Chemo round two. Dad coping a bit better, less severe side effects, stronger mentally.  Respite from hospital. Half way through chemo. 

Boom blow number four.  Your Mum has cancer again. Most likely ovarian. Also in lymph nodes.  More tests to be run.  The strongest woman in the world isn’t so strong anymore. She has been knocked time and time again and so have we all.  When did life get so cruel and when will it get better.  I don’t know how much more we can take.  

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16 Apr 2018 23:06 in response to rskirby87


life is rubbish sometimes isn’t it.  We think we’ve cracked it and something else comes along to Knock us down. But we survive it again and again,

i too am on that journey. My husband has ulcerative colitis and had been treated by infusion every six weeks. All went well for one year, even though his immune system was seriously compromised, then in September he was admitted via ambulance at one o’clock in the morning with bacterial pneumonia. Between then and Christmas he was admitted twice more as an emergency with the same thing. Finally in January they got on top of it. He resumed his medication to then be hit with a severe reaction and they stopped it. He is still waiting for them to reassess his case. Meanwhile in October last year my brother unexpectedly passed away, leaving a very difficult estate to sort and the whole family devastated.  as you did, we thought that’s it, enough is enough. Not true. Last week I was diagnosed with endometrial cancer and am now awaiting surgery.

so life hits some of us very hard.  I have found great support on this website, where others have talked me through the long wait for the results.  I also saw my GP and despite not wanting to look as if I was weak and giving in, he persuaded me to take some low dosage anti depressants which have surely helped me over a difficult few weeks,  I have found the specialist nurse at my hospital very supportive and of course family and friends have listened.


its amazing how resilient we can be with the support of others.  I know that it is useless to say stay positive because it is impossible to do that all the time. But try to look for a small ray of hope in the little things in life,  try to live one day at a time.  I wish you well and hope that both you and your family can find that strength that is hidden in all of us.

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16 Apr 2018 23:44 in response to Sundial

Thank you so much for your reply.  I’m so sorry to hear what an awful time you have been having.  I truely hope things start to get better for you soon.  I keep saying to my dad it only takes one day for everything to change for the positive so let’s hope for that day for all of us xx

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17 Apr 2018 00:24 in response to rskirby87

Oh I’m so sorry for your rotten luck. Life is so unfair at times . What I will say is that you’ve got each other and at times like these there is nothing better  

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer which she beat then a few years after found she had non Hodgkin Lymphoma and still lives with and very well I might add. After that my Dad nearly died after he had an abscess on his liver from a burst gall bladder but is well again and in 2016 I was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma and am waiting for a stem cell transplant. 

Ive had a blip today, I think a bit of a panic and have found this forum so I hope we can help each other out. 

Sending positive thoughts to you and yours. Stay strong. 

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17 Apr 2018 08:21 in response to rskirby87


I think it helps to share, so whatever you’re thinking, whatever the time there is always someone on here  to listen.  I’ve had deep despair moments and those little sparks of joy. Life’s like that isn’t it.

your family sound strong, mum and dad. Support each other and then when you feel you need to talk someone away from the family, call on the people on this site. They are fantastic. 

I wish you some good luck soon.

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17 Apr 2018 11:39 in response to rskirby87

I am so sorry for the hard horrible things happening in your life and in the lives of those here on this site.    I can understand why we are all here.  We need to voice our frustrations at times and fears and saddness.  I know I am not comfortable voicing it to my kids, they too fear because it is their dad that has been diagnosed. I want them to tell me how they feel, but best I be strong for them.

my husband's brother just died very tragically this past Saturday, making head line news.  Been difficult to accept. 

i feel badly also for my brothers-in-law having to accept the tragic death of their brother and then this diagnose of my husband. 

I do have faith that God will give us the strength to endure this testing time.  

Focus on life, kiss your kids, in my case my grandkids, they are my sunshine!  



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17 Apr 2018 11:45 in response to Fight4life
Thank you for your message. There are so many kind people out there that have unfortunately had similar situations. Pleased to hear your parents are both now well. Hopefully we will have a change in luck soon. Wishing you a speedy and full recovery x

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17 Apr 2018 11:47 in response to Nanaof8

Sorry you’re having such an awful time. I hope you can stay strong for your husband and kids.  My children are what keeps me going at the moment. I hope your husband has a speedy and full recovery.  Sending you the best of wishes x