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When will my hair start falling?

25 Aug 2019 02:27

Hello there

I had my first ABVD chemo for Hodgkin's lymphoma two weeks ago and have been told a side effect of these drugs is hair loss. So far I haven't noticed anything and was wondering how long it can take. I know everyone is different but just wondered of others experiences?


When will my hair start falling?

27 Aug 2019 06:26 in response to Ross2991

Hey there I lost my hair in around 2/3 weeks majority fell out over 3 days different chemo tho hope this helps

Sending big squishy Scottish hugs x 

When will my hair start falling?

27 Aug 2019 19:58 in response to Annemcc

I've started noticing strands coming out every time I put my hair up or brush it so think this could be the beginning of it. Still unsure if it's going to pick up pace and I'll wake up with it all out one morning or if itll be a gradual thinning process. I have shoulder length hair so I feel if it starts getting too thin I'll just lob it all off, can't be dealing with straggly bits. Besides means I can't get away with any midnight snacks because my partner knows where I've been 'where you downstairs last night there is a trail of brown hair on the laminate' haha!

When will my hair start falling?

28 Aug 2019 09:13 in response to Ross2991

I hear ya, that drat trail eh. I had long hair, the whole process took 3 days for it all to go.

It would matt then come out in huge clumps, my son eventually took the clippers to it.

I though I looked like golam from Lord of the rings, he said uncle fester  

You deffo need humor, hope its not to bad for you 

Sending big squishy Scottish hugs x 

When will my hair start falling?

28 Aug 2019 11:18 in response to Ross2991

I finished my Chemo mid June. My thick hair was quite unaffected until the last two sessions. I thought that I’d escaped it!  My hair began thinning, first noticed lots on my pillow, then it began blocking my bath drain, really thin (almost bald) patches ‘appeared’ but the length of my fairly short hair didn’t seem affected. Then new tufts appeared on the bald bits which mean my longer strands would stick up of their own accord lol.  I had to use humour to get through it and last week my son in law took the clippers to it to even out the thinning and patches. I look like a Victorian workhouse inmate! It does feel better though and I can now cope with it.  Not as bad as you think, having a ‘close cut’.  The turbans and scarves widely available are brill.