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When can you colour your hair after chemo

1 Dec 2021 15:22

I have been very lucky whilst undergoing treatment (Docetaxel chemo) for breast cancer having used the cold cap I have not lost my hair.  As such, I now have 2-3" regrowth which is grey.  I'm now 3 months post chemo and am considering getting my hair coloured to help me feel 'more like me' again.

Has anyone dyed their hair under the same scenario


Thanks so much for reading, stay safe and look forward to hearing from you.

When can you colour your hair after chemo

2 Dec 2021 21:05 in response to Haziefantazie

Hi, I'm on 3 week chemo cycle and colour my hair regularly. My hair is growing thicker and curlier but also much darker than before. As yet I've not bleached it but will do probably in the new year. Treat your hair as you treat your skin . Keep it well moisturised and avoid excessive heat. Good luck, Barb

When can you colour your hair after chemo

3 Dec 2021 09:26 in response to Haziefantazie

Hi Haziefantazie, I've been thinking about the same thing as my chemo finishes soon but the advice I have seen recommends not dying your hair until at least 6 months after your last chemo as your hair will still be very weak.  I'd like my own hair colour back but I'll wait as I'd rather not risk losing the hair that is growing back! You might find this link useful, as it suggests that vegetable based dyes might be ok if your hairdresser recommends:

When can you colour your hair after chemo

3 Dec 2021 10:51 in response to Haziefantazie


How about coloured root sprays? I read somewhere that these are OK to use as they just sit on top of your hair really.

When can you colour your hair after chemo

6 Dec 2021 15:44 in response to Barbm

Thanks Barb appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.  When you colour your hair what do you use? ... I'm contemplating getting a test done as I haven't loss any hair it feels different to how it used to feel.  I've been using treatment shampoo and conditioner which has made it silky again.  I'll seek professional advice from my hairdresser see what she thinks.

When can you colour your hair after chemo

6 Dec 2021 17:59 in response to Haziefantazie

Hi, I've been using box colours from the supermarket. I too used the cold cap but on treatment 7&8 I lost some hair. It was very patchy at the sides so I had a shaved pixie cut. It's growing back really thick and quite curly but much much darker and unfortunately a lot of grey. After Christmas I'll go to the hairdresser and have it bleached again. I'm currently a plum colour but have been pink and purple much to my grown up son's disgust! I just wanted to have a bit of fun whilst it grew . In another few weeks it will definitely need a professional job. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide. The worst that can happen is your hair will dry out but keep using treatment's and good products on it and it should be ok.