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What's next after breast surgery? feeling anxious

6 May 2019 15:30

Hello I had a bilateral wire guided excision on Tuesday because of my complete  response to my 6 rounds of chemo for triple negative  breast cancer. I also had a full axillary  node clearance on one side and some radioactive dye injected  into the nipple on the other side to look at the sentinel  node.

My question is really does anyone know what will happen at my follow up appointment  on 16th May and at what point would radiotherapy  begin?

I've been on this journey since October  and it seems to be going on forever.

I think my surgery went without complications but I am still very  sore and uncomfortable, and my anxiety has got worse. 

What's next after breast surgery? feeling anxious

6 May 2019 17:15 in response to mumof3angels

It's a long haul isn't it? I've just finished chemo ( surgery done in jan) and have a radiotherapy talk just goes on forever doesn't it....

I don't know for sure but I would imagine you will have to be pretty much healed up from surgery before rads can begin? Maybe someone on here can shed light on this? 

Well done Hun on everything you've been through so

What's next after breast surgery? feeling anxious

6 May 2019 20:38 in response to Marlyn

Hi Marlyn

Thanks for your reply.

Yes it's certainly been a long journey.

I had neo adjuvant  chemo prior  to surgery to shrink the tumours and my recent Mri showed  no evidence of disease remaining.

I hope the biopsy they took during my surgery  is clear too and then I'm sure like you say I need to be healed first.

My follow up  is 16th May but nobody has mentioned about changing my dressings at all and I have no drains fitted and can smell lymphatic  fluid.

Is this normal would you say?

I hope you are coping with your treatment ok.

I haven't had my radiotherapy meeting yet but sure it will be arranged once I'm healed. x

What's next after breast surgery? feeling anxious

9 May 2019 00:54 in response to mumof3angels
Hi Mumofthreeangels, I'm glad to hear that you have had your surgery. The tissue from this will have been sent off to pathology and, I suspect that you will be discussing the results of this when you return for your appointment on 16th May. Radiotherapy doesn't usually start until your breast has completely healed up after surgery. If you feel that you can smell lymphatic fluid, it might be a good idea to phone for breast care nurse for advice. Has your breast swollen up too? Sometimes, they are not too keen to drain the breast unless it is very swollen, as they like to give it a chance to settle down naturally. However, it does seem a long time to leave your dressing on without changing it, so ask your nurse about this too. I hope that you get good results on 16th and that you heal up from your surgery quickly, as I'm sure that you now want to get your radiotherapy out of the way as soon as possible too. Kind regards, Jolamine xx

What's next after breast surgery? feeling anxious

9 May 2019 12:45 in response to Jolamine

Hi Joanne

Many thanks for your reply.

I had  to call my gp this morning and I have an appointment  this afternoon.

One breast is really swollen and red and I still have excruciating  pain in the armpit area when moving suddenly.

The smell of lymphatic  fluid is  also  still there so I thought  I had better get it looked at as my hospital appointment  is not  until 16th May.

The whole aftercare since coming out of hospital and staying over one night due  to full axillary  clearance has been appalling.

There was no advice given to  me or instructions  in the event of any problems even.

Hope all is well with you x