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what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 08:44

Hi I’m not sure I should even be on here but here goes, 

I’ve had a swollen neck node since around May last year, I thought nothing of it until a few weeks ago. I started getting extremely tired so much so I’m falling asleep at dining table or having to go to bed for a nap. I like running but have found myself a little breathless and of course no energy to run like I use to. A few week ago I had a week of crazy night sweats which I put down to the menopause and my itchy skin I put down to dry skin. Got blood tests done at GP surgery and they’re all normal range, my gp isn’t concerned bout the swollen node and says tiredness is because I suffer from under active thyroid but I have this feeling something isn’t right with me, so should I push for another appointment with GP or just wait? Also what were your symptoms before diagnosis? 

Sorry if I’m not on proper thread 


what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 09:51 in response to Llou

Hi Lou, 

honestly if you feel you’re not right I would get a second opinion. I’ve had a lump which I noticed on the side of my neck around 3 weeks ago now. I have been 2 doctors and have another booked on Monday as it’s getting bigger. Everyone says they’re not worried about it but I am and I know my body. I also have a cough. Until someone can rule anything nasty out and I feel I’ve had proper checks done I won’t rest and will keep going doctors. 

I’m waiting for my bloods back from my doctor 



what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 11:51 in response to CxB

Hi C 

thanks for reply, like you say I just know my body and feel something isn’t right. My swelling is noticeable but hasn’t gotten any bigger since I first noticed it last year. You say you have a cough, are you constantly coughing and is it a dry type of cough? I rang my GP this morning but can’t get appointment until middle of next week as receptionist says it’s not an emergency. 

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 11:56 in response to Llou


Defo, even if it’s for your peace of mind. I noticed my lump at the end of Feb and it’s got a tad bigger since. It’s more of a swelling. My cough developed around a week ago. It’s a dry cough and mainly gets going if I start talking, hopefully both are nothing serious. I’ve been so anxious and google doesn’t help at all . 

Let me know how you get on at the doctors. I had a blood test last Thursday for blood count but I’m too anxious to call so I’m going to wait till Monday as it’s my Birthday Sunday and I just want to enjoy that and not worry as I know I will if I call and they said it was abnormal ha. Xx


what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 13:18 in response to Llou

Hi, my first symptoms were fatigue, itchy skin on my scalp strangely enough. I was losing weight and not being able to eat much also drenching night sweats which I had to change bed at night. . After many visits to doctors who didn’t know what was wrong with me, I finally had a lump on my neck and was sent to an ENT doc. I have an auto immune problem and I think doctors just put it down to that. It was only after biopsy in neck I was told it was lymphoma, this is the only way they can diagnose lymphoma. I guess your lymph nodes swell for lots of reasons, mine did get bigger then went down a bit but never went away till I had chemo. I think my doctor could tell it was suspicious as she told me to still go to ENT even if it went down. The doctor who did my biopsy told me it was probably a thyroid problem so in my case it’s just as well they did biopsy. If it’s still there in a few weeks I’d go back. Also even if it is lymphoma and it’s indolent, most people go on watch and wait with no treatment. 

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 14:33 in response to CxB

Hope you get some answers from doctor and wishing you a happy birthday for Sunday. Let me know how you get on x


what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 14:47 in response to scones

Hi and thank you for the reply. I’ve had this node swelling since last year but only since January have I been feeling unwell. I’m going back to gp next week but I’m not holding out much hope getting my issue resolved. Are you currently undergoing treatment? And how are coping? I hope you don’t mind the questions 

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 15:44 in response to Llou

Hi, I just finished treatment in November but on one of my follow up appointments in January my doctor found another lump in my neck. She ordered xrays, biopsies etc and I’m still waiting on results. She did say as my ct scan in December was excellent and I feel well, if it has came back I will go onwatch and wait but she doesn’t think it’s in the lymph node but it is suspicious and has ordered further tests. I should be used to the wait. I coped well with the chemo, the staff in the unit were super but I’m hoping I don’t see them for a while lol. X

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 16:13 in response to scones

A super stressful time for you, I’ll keep you in my thoughts and I really hope you don’t see the staff for a very long either x Thank you for taking time to reply to me x

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 16:31 in response to Llou

Thanks Lou. 

I’m going to push for a scan on it as it is getting more swollen.

Thank you I will try Happy xxx

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 16:43 in response to Llou

Hi Llou, 

My mum had Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She had a swollen neck, night sweats, was losing weight etc. She went to the docs who took bloods and told her she was fine, nothing to worry about, she was most likely just menopausal etc. These symptoms continued, but because the doc had said she was ok my mum (who never liked to 'bother' anyone!) just accepted his word and didn't go back. Ended up she took really ill one day, was taken into hospital, the lymphoma was diagnosed but by then it was too late for her, and she died a few months later. Now I'm absolutely not saying that there's anything similar up with you, and chances are youll be just hunky dory, but ABSOLUTELY go back to your GP and get a second opinion. Or a third. Or a fourth. Much better erring on the side of caution. This was 16 years ago by the way, and I'm sure most doctors are probably much better clued up than my mum's was back then. 

Sending you lots of luck and positivity xx

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 16:48 in response to CxB

I would ask for an ultrasound with biopsy first, if they are not worried they may not do the biopsy but it would put your mind at ease. They do the ct after if it’s a positive biopsy as it tells them the the stage of cancer. The biopsy tells them if it’s lymphoma and what type it is. I hope you have a happy birthday, take care x

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 18:07 in response to scones

Really sorry to hear about your Mum. I will keep pushing and yes I will ask for that. 

Thank you for the birthday wishes and thanks for the advice xx

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 18:41 in response to Llou

Hi Lou,

About a month ago a got a lump in my neck after I had tonsilitis about two weeks before. I thought it was just down to the tonsilitis but it didnt go away, I went to the doctors and he refered me for a blood test, had that done everything was normal apart from slightly raised inflamation. I went back and asked what to do next, he was concerend at the size of the lump and refered me to ENT where the doctor examined me and had a camera down my nose (not a great experiecne i'll tell you know) and he then refered me to have an ultrasound.  I had my ultrasound yesterday and they took a biopsy there and then and I am waiting for my results now. I'm really worried! I feel normal, maybe a bit feverish, very tired, but i'm 20 years old and at university so putting it down to stress at the moment! Hopefully my biopsy will settle my mind too.

GG xx

what were your symptoms of lymphoma?

13 Mar 2019 19:21 in response to Mammaof4

I’m so sorry about your mum x I’ve an appointment  to see gp next week but honestly I know before I go it’ll be put down to viral infection or my thyroid. I’ve taken notes of everything that’s happening with me this last few weeks and tbh it’s just a long list that makes me seem like a hypochondriac and I really don’t want to come across like that to my GP. Anyway I just want to say thank you for taking time to reply x