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What should I expect

9 Feb 2018 01:11

Hi, my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in November & early tests showed that it had already spread to his liver, stomach & lymph glands. He started chemotherapy in December but recent scan shows has now also spread to his spine. He has stopped chemo & say his care will now be under mcmillan nurses at home mainly for pain management. He refused to have me there at appointments & I feel as though he's not telling me everything. I don't know what to expect & where things will go from here. Just really need some support 

Re: What should I expect

9 Feb 2018 15:23 in response to Cerse

Hello Cerse and thanks for your post

I was sorry to read about your dad’s situation.It’s difficult to provide you with specific information about his care as I’m not involved in his care. It is really only his doctor who can advise on his condition as they are familiar with all his medical details. If your dad has a specialist nurse involved in his care then maybe they could provide you with more information.

When treatments are no longer working, some patients are given palliative (supportive) care, with medicines to control any symptoms. Palliative care involves easing troublesome symptoms and aiming to improve a person’s quality of life. Macmillan nurses are cancer trained nurses. Their area of expertise is in the management of cancer symptoms as well as supporting the whole family with the emotional effects of cancer. Another advantage in having a Macmillan or specialist nurse is that they will have knowledge of how services are arranged in your dad’s local community. They will know what is available and how it can be accessed. They can also advise families on an ongoing basis as to what to expect. People vary in the care that they need and the nurses can also help to co-ordinate medical and nursing help  when needed.

Many people share their experiences here on the forum so I hope you get support from our forum users. If no-one posts here you could try some other topic areas and please do get back to us if we can help. If you would like to talk this through with one of the nurses directly, you can telephone us on 0808 800 4040.  We are here from Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

Best wishes,