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What did your lymphoma lumps feel like?

26 Nov 2022 20:48

I have a lump in my neck behind each ear. The one on the left is more noticeable and it is hard like a rock and doesn't move at all. It is currently being investigated but I'm just wondering what your lumps were like? I've read this isn't a good sign. I have had this lump for over 12 months and it has grown bigger over this time.
I am so anxious, I've been waiting a while for scans and I finally have an ultrasound next week. 

What did your lymphoma lumps feel like?

28 Nov 2022 15:40 in response to bc1994

Hi bc1994,

It's good to hear you have an appointment coming up soon and I hope that it won't be much longer to get the information you need.

There can of course be different reasons for lumps so try not to assume anything at this point - and take things one day at a time and try to keep busy while you wait for your appointment.

Hopefully you'll get some more replies here soon - you can also search the forum (using the button in the blue bar above) for other relevant discussions on here, if this is helpful.

Wishing you all the best,

Cancer Chat Moderator